Arbitration Award Summaries

Does your city have a potential labor arbitration on the horizon? Then you may want to research similar cases. This Arbitration Award Summaries database can help you get started. You can search the database by arbitrator name, arbitration type, employee group, and date to find summaries of arbitration decisions that are relevant to cities.

About arbitration

Arbitration is a process for resolving disputes outside of the court system. Most labor arbitrations fall within one of two broad categories. Interest arbitration is used when the parties are unable to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). Grievance arbitration is used to resolve alleged violations of the CBA.

The Bureau of Mediation Services (BMS) oversees labor relations in Minnesota—both in the public and private sectors. The BMS helps mediate collective bargaining disputes and maintains a roster of neutral arbitrators—individuals appointed based upon their knowledge and experience in labor relations, collective bargaining, and arbitration.

Full arbitration awards available

The League's summaries offer a brief explanation of what happened in cases relevant to cities, so you can quickly find out the details without reading the full report. But if you need more details, each summary includes a link to the full report. Full arbitration awards are available on the BMS website. While these awards are fact-specific, they can illustrate trends and may help anticipate how similar issues would be decided in the future.

Please note that the League’s arbitration award summaries begin December 2012. Awards prior to this time can be found on the BMS website.

—Access full arbitration awards on the BMS website