Issues & Trends

Focus on civility in local government

Incivility can rear its ugly head in a variety of situations. Not managing these situations properly can lead to staff turnover, lawsuits, negative media coverage, stagnating business growth, slow or stalled economic development, and a generally dissatisfied public. The League and the Minnesota City/County Management Association have compiled a variety of resources to help you spot many of the common indicators of pending incivility, help prevent it from happening, and give you the tools to help get your community back on the right track when it occurs.
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Community Conversations: Phase II of Cities, Services & Funding

The League has launched a new service to help cities engage the public in discussions about the services you provide, how those services are delivered, and how they are paid for.

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Budget-balancing resources

Cities always look for ways to effectively cut costs, generate new revenue, and balance their budgets. Here are resources to help:

Other issues and trends

A wide variety of other issues and trends also have implications for the future of cities. In this section, you'll find research, analysis, reports, and other resources to help your city understand the big picture and take action.