Online Renewal

Rating system

LMCIT began calculating liability premiums in a new way in November 2012. The rating system is designed to be much simpler than the previous system and also to do a better job of allocating premium costs equitably among LMCIT's members.

Online Renewal Information

Property/Casualty renewals are completed using an online renewal application, accessible through this webpage.

Agents will get a renewal packet with a login key and instructions for accessing the online renewal system.

Hardcopy renewal forms will not be sent to agents or members. All renewals will be done online through this new system.

The online renewal system will:

  • Allow agents and members to review, update and complete the online renewal application anywhere they have access to the Internet and an Adobe Flash-enabled computer.
  • Provide agents and members access to final coverage documents in Adobe PDF format.
  • Allows agents and members, once the renewal is complete, the ability to access, monitor, and update mid-term schedules for automobiles, mobile property, and property.

If you have questions about the online renewal process, please contact your underwriter.

Access a list of underwriters (Choose "Underwriting" under "Departments.")

Access the Online Renewal and Midterm Schedule Manager log-in page