Governing & Managing

Highlights of This Section

Access important information in the Resource Library

You'll find must-have resources here, including the Handbook for Minnesota Cities, HR Reference Manual, the annual Salary & Benefits Survey results, and much more!

League offers resources for newly elected officials

The League's resource guide for newly elected officials contains essential information and will be updated throughout the year with news on relevant training, valuable resources, information memos, magazine articles, tips and tricks, and more.

Read arbitration award summaries that may affect your city

Does your city have a potential labor arbitration on the horizon? Then you may want to research similar cases. The League's Arbitration Award Summaries database can help you get started. You can search the database by arbitrator name, arbitration type, employee group, and date to find summaries of arbitration decisions going back to December 2012.

Promote civility in your city

Incivility can rear its ugly head in a variety of situations. The League and the Minnesota City/County Management Association have compiled resources to help you spot many of the common indicators of pending incivility, help prevent it from happening, and give you the tools to help get your community back on the right track when it occurs.

Get inspiration from other cities

Looking for examples of things other cities have done? You can search the League's lookup tools for civility, collaboration, budget-balancing, and HR action examples from cities across the state.

League releases State of the Cities Report 2016 The 2016 State of the Cities Report focuses on the results of the Fiscal Conditions Survey, comparing the 2016 results with data from previous years. The proportion of cities that reported an improved ability to meet financial needs went down slightly from the previous year.
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