Governing Boards

Each of the League's governing boards provides stewardship, strategic guidance, and vision to the organization, and acts in the interest of Minnesota cities and the people they serve.

League Board of Directors
The League Board is made up of elected and appointed member city officials. Board members have set expectations for collective and individual Board service through the League's Governance Handbook. Members and officers are elected at the League's Annual Conference based on a slate of candidates recommended by a Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee Guidelines drive the committee's decision-making.
—See the current members of the League Board of Directors

LMCIT Board of Trustees
Trust Board members are member city officials appointed by the League Board to govern the activities of LMCIT. Trustees are eligible to serve up to four, three-year terms.
—See the members of the LMCIT Board

League Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is made up of representatives from the League Board and the LMCIT Board. The Committee makes recommendations to both boards regarding annual operating and capital budgets, and to the League board on dues.
—See the members of the Finance Committee

League Building Company Board of Directors
The League owns the building where our offices are housed, as well as most of the remaining land on the block. The Building Company includes represenatives of the League and LMCIT boards and guides decision-making related to League property acquisition and development.
—See the members of the Building Company Board

4M Fund Board of Directors
The League is also the governing board for the 4M Fund. The 4M Fund is a League-sponsored cash management and investment program for Minnesota public funds.