Jul-Aug 2022


Peer Support Programs: First Aid for Public Safety Mental Health

What a Ride! My Year as LMC President

Wiersum: An Optimistic Leader for All Cities

The League Thanks Outgoing Board Members

Leveraging 3D Technology for Improved Community Infrastructure

Constitutional Law: Make Sure Your City’s Regulations Don’t Bark Up the Wrong Tree


St. Paul to City Hall

The Importance of Laughter in Our Lives and Organizations

Bits & Briefs

NLC City Summit, rural placemaking toolkit, and more

Two-Way Street

What’s New In Your City’s Parks & Rec Department?

Focus on Small Cities

Iron Range Cities Receive Federal Funds for Critical Projects

Ideas in Action

Ramsey’s ‘Path-to-Yes’ Program Smooths Out Development Process

Legal Ease

Letter of the Law

Avoiding Legal Pitfalls When Recruiting for Diversity

From the Bench

US Supreme Court Upholds Censure of College Board Member

Up for Discussion


How Can We Prevent Cyberattacks on Our City’s IT Systems?

Message Matters

Plain Language Helps Residents Access Essential Services

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