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The League Thanks Outgoing Board Members

The following members of the League of Minnesota Cities (LMC) Board of Directors recently completed their Board terms. The League thanks them for their service!

Melanie Mesko LeeMelanie Mesko Lee
I was honored to be able to be a part of the LMC board in my role as Metro Cities president. Given the discord and difficulty of the last few years, it was gratifying to be part of a group that was committed to working together to solve problems and address issues affecting our communities. The Board’s empathy and creativity — sprinkled with a healthy dose of fun — are examples of the elected and appointed people our communities need. I have long admired the work LMC does, and this experience solidified my respect for the Board and League staff.

Margaret McCallumMargaret McCallum
It has truly been a pleasure to serve on the League of Minnesota Cities Board for the past three years. I have enjoyed working alongside fellow Board members and the wonderful LMC staff. We have shared ideas and have had so many productive conversations around numerous matters that impact cities each and every day. The League of Minnesota Cities has been and continues to be a valuable resource and partner to all cities in Minnesota. I am proud to have been able to be an advocate for all cities throughout the state. Thank you!

Shannon MortensonShannon Mortenson
I was appointed to the LMC Board due to my position as president of the Minnesota Association of Small Cities. It was an absolute pleasure to sit on this Board. The leadership from all departments at the League is indescribable. I thoroughly enjoyed the last year on the Board, and it was an honor to be able to work closely with all the fine people at the League. As a city official in Minnesota, I am proud of the work the League of Minnesota Cities is doing on behalf of cities.

Candy PetersenCandy Petersen
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the LMC Board! I have made some great friends through my involvement. My Board colleagues are dedicated public servants. I will miss all the great discussions on policies that affect communities. The League, with its outstanding leadership, really cares about its members. Being a League Board member has been the pinnacle of my public service so far. I have learned so much, and that knowledge will serve me well in my future public endeavors. The LMC Board is excellent, and I hope I added a little something during my tenure.

Jim WeikumJim Weikum
When I became a member of the League’s Board of Directors, I thought that I had a solid appreciation for the quality (and quantity) of work that the League does for city officials and staff across Minnesota. Being granted the privilege to serve on the Board of Directors gave me the opportunity to really see how much time and consideration goes into shaping and delivering services to members, but also how committed all League staff are to cities. On top of all that, I had the chance to work with capable city officials from across the state who demonstrate leadership excellence every day. I remain grateful for the chance to learn so much.