LMC Awards Programs

The League each year honors the special achievements of cities and city leaders. Winners of the City of Excellence Awards, C.C. Ludwig Award, James F. Miller Leadership Award, and Sustainable City Award were announced at the LMC 2018 Annual Conference in St. Cloud on June 21.

About City of Excellence Awards

The City of Excellence Awards recognize cities for programs that have helped their cities progress in some way. Awards are given in three different population categories and in one special topical category, which is different each year. The 2018 Topical Category is "Promoting Leadership and Career Opportunities in City Government."

About the C.C. Ludwig Award and James F. Miller Leadership Award

The C.C. Ludwig Award recognizes elected officials who have made significant contributions to Minnesota city government. Similarly, the James F. Miller Leadership Award honors appointed city officials who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for their city and all Minnesota cities.

About Sustainable City Awards

Cities currently participating in the Minnesota GreenStep Cities program are eligible for the League of Minnesota Cities/GreenStep Cities Sustainable City Award.