Mar-Apr 2020

Mental Health in the Workplace: 5 Ways to Support Your Employees

Five ways to support mental health in the workplace.

Jan-Feb 2020

Is Your City Ready to Become a ‘Smart’ City?

The trend toward technology-enabled, efficient cities is happening all around us.

Jan-Feb 2020

LMC’s Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners

The 2019 winners explain how they would improve city services if they were the mayor.

Jan-Feb 2020

Strategies for Recruiting Election Judges

The challenge in hiring election judges comes as Minnesota faces what could be its busiest election year ever.

Jan-Feb 2020

2020 Legislative Session: Standing Up for Safe and Durable Housing

A building industry group is unfairly blaming cities for rising housing costs.

Nov-Dec 2019

Recruit Top Talent With a Great Employee Experience

Tips for finding and keeping the top talent that your city needs.

Nov-Dec 2019

Increase Resident Engagement With Better Public Meetings

Better public engagement builds a sense of community, increases productive dialogue, and decreases division.

Nov-Dec 2019

Five Ways to Attract New Residents to Rural Cities

Community leaders are designing regional campaigns that welcome newcomers and support economic development.

Nov-Dec 2019

SCADA Upgrade: Protect City Utility Systems From Hackers

Microsoft will soon stop supporting Windows 7, the computer platform many cities use to run the SCADA software that controls…

Sep-Oct 2019

Safety First: Railroad Hazmat Training

Railroad incidents involving hazardous materials are rare, but accidents can happen. Make sure local first responders are prepared.