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The Handbook for Minnesota Cities is your comprehensive resource for laws affecting Minnesota city governments. The handbook contains general information and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. For legal advice, the city attorney should be consulted.

The handbook is continuously updated. Chapters reflect changes in laws and statutes through the date shown at the bottom of the page (also shown on the table of contents below).

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Part I: Form and Structure of the Minnesota City

1. Local Government in Minnesota (pdf) (Revised: 8/2016)

2. Change of Boundaries, Status, and Name (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)

3. The Statutory City (pdf) (Revised: 7/2016)

4. The Home Rule Charter City (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

Part II: Elections, Elected Officials, and Council Meetings

5. Election Procedures (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

6. Elected Officials and Council Structure and Role (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

7. Meetings, Motions, Resolutions, and Ordinances (pdf) (Revised: 9/2016)

Part III: Personnel Management

(For additional HR information, see the League's HR Reference Manual.)

8. City Administrative Staff (pdf) (Revised: 7/2016)

9. For the information previously discussed in this chapter, please see the HR Reference Manual

10. Working Conditions for Public Employees (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

Part IV: Regulatory and Development Functions of Cities

11. City Licensing (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)

12. City Regulatory Functions (pdf) (Revised: 7/2016)

13. Public Safety and Emergency Management (pdf) (Revised: 8/2016)

14. Comprehensive Planning, Land Use, and City-Owned Land (pdf)
(Revised: 9/2016)

15. Community Development and Redevelopment (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

16. Environmental Regulations (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)

17. Intergovernmental Cooperation (pdf) (revised: 11/2016)

Part V: Liability

18. Liability (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

19. Insurance and Loss Control (pdf) (Revised: 8/2016)

Part VI: Finance, Budgeting, and Debt

20. Sources of Revenue (pdf) (Revised: 8/2016)

21. Budgeting (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)

22. Property Tax Levy (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

23. Expenditures, Purchasing, and Contracts (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)

24. Debt and Borrowing (pdf) (Revised: 9/2016)

25. Financing Public Improvements (pdf) (Revised: 8/2016)

Part VII: Financial Reports and Record Management

26. Financial Reports, Accounting, and Auditing (pdf) (Revised: 9/2016)

27. Records Management (pdf) (Revised: 10/2016)

Index: Handbook for Minnesota Cities (pdf) (Revised: 11/2016)