Topic: Public Safety

Governor Signs Public Safety Act

(Published Jun 1, 2015)

The law provides almost $2.12 billion in general fund spending in the 2016-2017 biennium—$111 million over current biennial funding.

Fire Service Pushes Continued Benefits for Survivors of Volunteer Firefighters

(Published Mar 30, 2015)

The League of Minnesota Cities recognizes law’s inequity but opposes a new unfunded mandate.

Bill Would Make Railroads Liable for Train-Related Incidents

(Published Mar 16, 2015)

The bill would require railroads to reimburse entities that deploy first responders to a train-related emergency event.

Fireworks Expansion Bill Tabled in House Committee

(Published Mar 9, 2015)

The bill, which would expand fireworks sales to the explosive aerial and multi-tube variety, is similar to a bill that Gov. Dayton vetoed in 2012.

Community EMT Legislation Advances in House

(Published Feb 9, 2015)

The bill would allow certified emergency medical technicians to schedule post-hospital home visits with patients to check on their welfare.

DPS Releases Oil Transportation Incident Preparedness Report

(Published Jan 20, 2015)

The legislatively mandated report provides six recommendations to improve preparedness for a freight rail or pipeline oil transportation incident.

Reminder: Fire State Aid Forms Due March 15

(Published Jan 20, 2015)

Fire departments must submit Form FA-1, Fire Equipment Certification, to the Department of Revenue, or risk losing aid.