Law Summaries

City officials need to be aware of new laws that affect their communities and city operations. To that end, the League's intergovernmental relations (IGR) staff provide summaries of new state laws each year. For the complete text of any Minnesota law, visit the state Revisor of Statutes web site.

Preliminary 2016 Law Summaries

The 2016 legislative session was short and focused on contentious issues such as taxes, transportation, and bonding. In the end, relatively few new chapters of law were enacted, and major goals of the session have not yet been met.

At this time, everyone is still waiting to see whether Gov. Dayton will call a special session to work on the tax bill, bonding bill, and transportation funding package. In the meantime, the League has published a preliminary edition of the 2016 Law Summaries. Contained are summaries of chapters that have been signed into law. A complete edition of the 2016 Law Summaries, which will include a “Vetoed” section and a “Did Not Become Law” section, will be published after the conclusion of the first special session, if there is one, or after Gov. Dayton announces there will be no special session.