2015 Law Summaries

Find out how laws enacted during the 2015 legislative session will affect cities.
(Published Jun 23, 2015)

The 2015 Legislature sent 80 chapters of new law to Gov. Dayton during the regular session, and six additional chapters during a June 12 special session. The League’s 2015 Law Summaries provide details on how these new laws will affect cities.

This publication is intended to highlight relevant new laws, but is not intended to be comprehensive legal advice. It will help city officials understand new laws that may impact city operations as well as provide information on proposed legislation that didn’t survive the legislative process.

If you have any questions about new laws or legislation summarized in the 2015 Law Summaries, please contact a member of the League’s Intergovernmental Relations Department. The initials of the best staff member to contact for a particular law are listed at the end of each summary. You can find a key for the initials on page 3 of the 2015 Law Summaries.