Property Tax Reports

Each year the League prepares an annual property tax report that contains levy and rate information for all cities in Minnesota. (The report and property tax data are also published in the September issue of Minnesota Cities magazine.) Supplementary information to the reports—including tax base composition and short background papers on the property tax system, the market value homestead credit, and the fiscal disparities programs—are also featured.

Index of Reports & Supplementary Information

2016 Property Tax Information

2015 Property Tax Information

2014 Property Tax Information

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2013 Property Tax Information

  • 2013 Property Tax Report (pdf)
    In this, the League of Minnesota Cities’ 21st annual property tax report, we find that although market values continued to decline, losses in 2013 aren’t as severe as in recent years. However, that decline, plus little or no increase in local government aid (LGA) from 2008 through 2013, continue to challenge cities. This report explores this and other recent market value and tax capacity trends, and provides an update on current property tax policy issues. (September-October 2013 Minnesota Cities magazine)
  • 2013 Property Tax Data (xls)
    Table containing 2013 data on Minnesota's 853 cities as well as League member townships.
  • 2013 Property Tax Data Special Supplement (pdf)
    This special supplement includes a comparison of property tax data by region and population size category. (September-October 2013 Minnesota Cities magazine)
  • 2013 City-by-City Market Value & Tax Capacity Composition (pdf)

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2012 Property Tax Information

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