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Roles and Responsibilities for City Clerks

Primary audience

City clerks

Course time

20 minutes

It is the duty of the mayor, council members, and clerk to ensure that the city is fulfilling its duties under the law and lawfully exercising its powers. Understanding the responsibilities that go with each of these roles is important to the functioning of a city. It is especially important to clerks, who often supervise the daily administration of city business. This mini-course describes the basic responsibilities of the clerk, as well as how the clerk works with the mayor and council members.

By completing this mini-course, you will:

  • Understand the basic responsibilities of the clerk.
  • Recognize how the clerk can support the mayor and city council.
  • Describe the mayor’s and council’s roles in city governance.
  • Access additional resources on local government, council structure and roles, and administrative staff roles.

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Subject matter expert

Kyle Hartnett, Staff Attorney, League of Minnesota Cities.


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