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Cybersecurity for Clerks

Primary audience

City clerks

Course time

20 minutes

As more cities find ways to increase efficiency and communications through technology, the need for better computer security grows. Oftentimes, efforts to improve cybersecurity focus on incorporating new technological approaches into products and processes.

However, a key element of improving cybersecurity also involves acknowledging the role that human behavior can play in keeping your city safe. In this mini-course, we’ll look at how you can modify your behavior to improve cybersecurity in your city.

By completing this mini-course, you will:

  • Learn how to identify emotions and behaviors that influence how individuals in your city engage with and use technology.
  • Understand how to control those behaviors in a way that can help you mitigate risk to your network.

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Subject matter expert

Melissa Reeder, Chief Information Officer, League of Minnesota Cities.


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