Loss Control

LMCIT is a cooperative joint powers organization formed by Minnesota cities. This means that cities contribute premiums into a jointly owned fund instead of paying premiums to an insurance company.

The money LMCIT uses to pay claims belongs to the cities themselves—and every loss that is avoided saves money. That’s why LMCIT places such a high priority in helping cities minimize risks and reduce losses.

To minimize risks and reduce losses, LMCIT has implemented a number of initiatives:

  • Training and Workshops
    LMCIT offers general and customized training on land use, and for special job classes such as peace officers. Training is meant to deliver timely and important information to help cities mitigate risks.
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  • Collaboration Services
    If your city needs help working together, understanding roles, being transparent, or avoiding conflict, LMCIT's Collaboration Services can work with your city to solve issues.
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  • FirstNet Safety Training
    All LMCIT members can register for this program to gain access to 46 training videos endorsed by the National Safety Council and provided by FirstNet Learning.
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  • HR & Benefits
    Member cities can access a variety of Human Resource materials and services designed to help cities mitigate employment claims.
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  • Joint Powers
    Minnesota cities continuously seek efficient ways to use limited resources, exploring opportunities to cooperate with other entities. These partnerships can provide efficiencies, but also can create unique liability issues.
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  • Land Use
    Approximately 19 percent of all members' liability costs are the result of land use claims. Because these costs are significant, LMCIT’s land use attorney works with members to provide customized information and training, and acts as a resource to elected and appointed city officials, as well as to city attorneys.
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  • Loss Control Advice
    LMCIT attorneys, staff, and loss control consultants provide loss control advice to member cities as a supplement to city attorney’s services. All are available to answer questions on legal loss control issues; the implications of employment-related decisions; review mutual-aid agreements, contracts, and other documents; and more.
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  • Police & Fire
    Minnesotans benefit from the emergency services delivered by cities. Sometimes fire and police services are provided directly to residents, other times cities collaborate for emergency services. Each of these services, though, presents a unique set of management and liability issues.
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  • Safety Loan Program
    The Safety Loan Program is an affordable, reliable program that provides funding for safety improvements. Your city can make improvements in one year, and spread the costs across several budget years for personal protective equipment, fire suppression/detection equipment, job site safety equipment, and ergonomic equipment.
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  • Sewers
    Minnesota cities need to exercise reasonable care for sewer systems to avoid sewer back-up liability. This means cities must establish an inspection and maintenance program and emergency procedures. LMCIT has assembled a task force to develop recommendations and tools to help cities develop a sanitary sewer program.
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