Land Use

Land use can be complex—and expensive. LMCIT members spend nearly $2.6 million per year on land use claims, and the average cost of a claim is $51,000. Of that total, almost 90 percent is spent to cover defense costs. In other words, these claims generally are not about paying damages to someone but rather about paying for legal defense of the city.

Because land use costs to Minnesota cities are significant—and because the only way to avoid many land use claims is by making informed, thoughtful, and appropriate land use decisions—LMCIT offers a unique loss control program to address these risks.

Land use staff provides consultation, training, and information
LMCIT's land use attorney works with members to provide customized information and training, and acts as a resource to elected and appointed city officials and to city attorneys. He can address topics such as the different roles elected officials must play in making land use decisions, and specific legal requirements related to things like planning, zoning, development, redevelopment, franchising, and more.

Land Use Litigation Coverage
Litigation relating to a city's land use regulation decisions, development and redevelopment activities, franchising, or city enterprise operations can be very expensive. LMCIT has developed a specialized approach to cover this type of litigation. The LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide explains land use litigation coverage.
View the LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide (pdf) (see Section III-J)