Membership Dues

Membership dues effective during 2014-2015
Annual membership dues in the League of Minnesota Cities are based on the fiscal year beginning on Sept. 1. Dues include subscriptions to Minnesota Cities magazine*.

Membership dues are calculated based on population according the following:


  • 249 or less=$366
  • 250-4,999=$128 plus 96.68 cents per capita
  • 5,000-9,999=$1,009 plus 79.04 cents per capita
  • 10,000-19,999=$2,188 plus 67.24 cents per capita
  • 20,000-49,999=$7,466 plus 40.85 cents per capita
  • 50,000-299,999=$22,099 plus 11.59 cents per capita
  • 300,000 and higher=$37,218 plus 6.55 cents per capita
  • Special Districts=$1,677

(Population represents the 2013 State Demographer and Metropolitan Council Estimate)

*Annual membership dues include subscriptions to Minnesota Cities magazine at $30 per subscription according to the following schedule based on population:
249 or less=6 subscriptions
250-4,999=11 subscriptions
5,000-9,999=15 subscriptions
10,000-19,999=20 subscriptions
20,000-49,999=25 subscriptions
50,000-299,999=30 subscriptions
300,000+=35 subscriptions
This information is provided as a requirement to meet postal regulations; do not use as a basis for payment. For more information on magazine subscriptions contact the League.