Training & Conferences

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Mental Health First Aid

Get prepared to help someone experiencing a mental health crisis during this eight-hour workshop. After completing this workshop, you'll have skills to help you recognize the warning signs of a mental health crisis, tools to provide help, and more.

Recorded Webinar: What’s in YOUR Brain? Understanding Unconscious Bias

Join us for this free webinar to learn why and how our brains make judgments about others, what the research tells us about how these biases can have unintended consequences at work, the ways these biases can impact employment decisions, and what you can do to avoid them.

LMC Webinars

The League frequently offers webinars on timely issues affecting cities. Recent webinars have been presented on:
—What's in YOUR Brain? Understanding Unconscious Bias
—What Cities Should Know about Bonding
—Hackers and Crackers: Your Cybersecurity Toolkit
—Drones in the City—How to Fly within the Law
—Partnering for Successful Downtown Street Reconstruction

City Learning Point—professional online training for Minnesota cities

This online training program provides city officials and staff with professional development opportunities created specifically for them. Sign up now for the new Respectful Workplace course, and check out the Human Resources Basics for Managers Series and the first course in the Land Use Series.