Risk Management

Highlights of This Section

LMCIT approves premium rates and coverage changes for 2017-2018

The League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) Board of Trustees has approved premium rates and several coverage changes for the coming year. The Board is also pleased to return a $6 million dividend to members of the property/casualty program as of Dec. 1, 2017. Your portion of the dividend will be mailed mid-December.

Get loss control assistance for your city

LMCIT places a high priority on helping cities minimize risk, control losses, and reduce claims. We have several programs and services available to help cities with these efforts.

Learn about current LMCIT coverages and rates

LMCIT provides property/casualty and workers’ compensation coverage, as well as risk management services, which are specifically designed for Minnesota cities.

Access claims information and resources

LMCIT has claim adjusters located throughout the state, and they will assist you throughout the claims process.

Renew your coverage online

Members of the LMCIT property/casualty program renew coverage using an online application.

New LMCIT Member Center now available

The all-new LMCIT Member Center is now available, allowing members to access their property/casualty claim information online. New features and functionality will be added in the future, including workers' compensation claims information.

League offers body-worn cameras memo and model policy

Body-worn cameras are a recent addition to the law enforcement toolkit. Proper storage, classification, and retrieval of the resulting recorded data can be challenging. The League offers a model body cam policy and information memo to provide guidance.

Check out LMCIT's public safety risk management blog

Rob Boe, Public Safety Project Coordinator with LMCIT, writes the blog On the Line, which aims to open up more communication on responder safety. The blog offers information, guidance, and tips on keeping public safety officers safe on the job.

Read LMCIT's public works blog

LMCIT offers a blog specifically for city public works professionals and the challenges you encounter. You will find tools to help you do your job safely while faced with budget cuts and rising demands.