Inquiries & Assistance

Many questions about the roles and responsibilities of city government can be answered by League publications (available through our online Resource Library). When new topics or challenging situations arise, you may want to contact knowledgeable League staff for direct assistance.

General government inquiry & assistance services

Research & Information Service staff has knowledge about the many issues and obligations city officials navigate on a daily basis. These staff members answer more than 6,000 member inquiries each year and conduct in-depth research to ensure League guidance is current and informed by the real-world situations cities face.

League staff are also available for topic-specific inquiries and assistance:

HR & benefits inquiry & assistance services

The League's HR & benefits resources and trainings can help you through your thorniest personnel issues and benefits questions. More than 2,000 inquiries are fielded each year by HR & Benefits staff who also develop publications on a wide variety of employment-related topics. Cities that turn to the League for help on HR topics are much more likely to avoid costly claims and lawsuits.

Land use inquiry & assistance services

Approximately 19 percent of all LMCIT members' liability costs are the result of land use claims. Because the only way to avoid many of these costly claims is to make informed, thoughtful, and appropriate land use decisions, our LMCIT land use attorney is here to provide customized information and guidance to elected and appointed city officials, and to city attorneys.

Technology assistance

The League recognizes the important role that information technology systems are playing in the daily operations of local government, and we have developed technology-related collaborative purchasing opportunities.