LMCIT Member Center

The all-new League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) Member Center is now available, allowing members to access their property/casualty claim information online.

An email was sent to each member’s top appointed official, providing instructions for accessing the LMCIT Member Center. This new online tool allows you to:

  • View and export your property/casualty claim information.
  • View and export your property/casualty loss runs.
  • Compare your property/casualty claim history to cities of similar size and to all LMCIT members.
  • Submit mid-term schedule changes for autos, property, and mobile equipment.
  • Access links to renew your coverage and to submit claims.

New features and functionality will be added in the future, including workers' compensation claims information.

Log in to the LMCIT Member Center

Contact the administrator of your account to gain access. Access to the LMCIT Member Center is determined by each member’s top appointed official (administrator, manager, or clerk). Not sure who the administrator is for your account? Contact lmcitmembercenter@lmc.org or (651) 281-1200.