Training & Conferences

Data Practices and Records Management for City Clerks

This half-day workshop will provide an in-depth look at what cities need to do to meet state data requirements. The League is partnering with MCFOA to bring these workshops to MCFOA regional trainings.
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Newly Elected Officials: 2015 Leadership Conference

Join your newly elected colleagues for this two-day workshop designed to help you get a strong start in your new leadership role. Learn about your legal responsibilities and gain tools to help you work effectively with your citizens, city staff, and elected colleagues.
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Experienced Officials: 2015 Leadership Conference

Even cities with great intentions can still experience only mixed results with community engagement efforts. So what's a city to do? Join us and learn to learn how to design community strategies that match your community’s needs during "Authentic Public Engagement: Working Together to Solve Problems and Achieve Community Goals."
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Recorded Webinar: The Four E's of Great Governance

How can you balance competing values to make sound decisions for your city? Kris Norman-Major from the Hamline University School of Business will explore the four E's of city decision-making—economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and equity—and how they are related to great governance.
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Recorded Webinar: December Budget Forecast & 2015 Legislative Outlook for Cities

What will Minnesota's House and constitutional office election outcomes—as well as the state’s most recent budget forecast report—mean for cities? Join LMC's intergovernmental relations staff as they walk you through the nuances.

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LMC Webinars

The League frequently offers webinars on timely issues affecting cities. Recent webinars have been presented on:
—The Four E's of Good Governance
—The State Budget Forecast and 2015 Legislative Session
—Zoning Decisions
—To Share or Not to Share: Data Practices Compliance
—Follow the Money—Using a Financial Plan to Implement a Community's Vision
—Data Privacy: Legal Risks, Mitigation and Response for Municipalities
—Tips for Meeting Management—Managing Expectations and Meeting Your Goals
—The Gen Y Talent Factor
—Individual vs. Council Authority
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City Learning Point—professional online training for Minnesota cities

This online training program provides city officials and staff with professional development opportunities created specifically
for them. Sign up now for the new Respectful Workplace course, and check out the Human Resources Basics for Managers Series and the first course in the Land Use Series.
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