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Free Webinar: What's in YOUR Brain? Understanding Unconscious Bias

Research shows that all of us have “unconscious biases” (our brains making decisions about other people without us even knowing it)—and if we are not aware of this fact, we can unintentionally make decisions based on stereotyping. Join us to learn how unconscious bias could affect hiring decisions, and how to lessen its impact on your city.

Minnesota Mayors Association 2017 Annual Conference

Discover how tourism impacts Minnesota cities, learn about shoreline restoration, hear remarks from federal officials, including Rep. Tom Emmer, and much more!

Free Webinar: Minnesota’s Capital Investment Process—What Cities Should Know about Bonding

Minnesota’s bonding process can be a complicated, competitive process. Take part in this free online training to learn about the requirements you need to meet before submitting an application, how you can submit a request, and how projects are evaluated. You’ll also hear from the Joel Young, Chatfield’s city clerk, on his city’s successful bonding proposal.

2017 Annual Conference

What are the signs of a vibrant city? Explore some of the big issues impacting Minnesota cities as you discover tools to help your city plan for the future, build community capacity, and reinvent local government.

2017 Clerks' Orientation Conference

Learn about the Open Meeting Law, data practices, and legal compliance issues—and get grounded in human resources issues, internal controls, financial management, and loss control basics and claims procedures during this orientation conference.

Recorded Webinar: Legislative Forecast for 2017

Learn about the League's 2017 legislative priorities, changes to committees and legislative leadership, and more as the League's intergovernmental relations (IGR) team highlights what you can expect during the 2017 Legislative Session. Plus, find out how city officials can affect the debate on key issues.

LMC Webinars

The League frequently offers webinars on timely issues affecting cities. Recent webinars have been presented on:
—Drones in the City—How to Fly within the Law
—Local Property Taxes 2.0 for City Government Reporters
—Partnering for Successful Downtown Street Reconstruction
—How to Handle Data and Public Input Under the New Police-Worn Body Cameras Law
—Developing Long-Term Strategies to Control Employer Health Care Costs
—Gov. Dayton's Buffer Initiative and Minnesota Cities

City Learning Point—professional online training for Minnesota cities

This online training program provides city officials and staff with professional development opportunities created specifically for them. Sign up now for the new Respectful Workplace course, and check out the Human Resources Basics for Managers Series and the first course in the Land Use Series.