2022 Salary & Benefits Survey FAQs

Q1. How do I complete the survey?

A1. To complete the survey, please visit http://mn.surveynavigator.com/, click Login, and enter the username and password provided by your organization in the Coordinator Login box. As a reminder, the training session for survey Coordinators will be recorded and posted to the site to refer to later.

Q2. How do I access the results of the survey?

A2. To access the results of the survey, first make sure you have submitted your organization’s information, as complimentary access to the survey is only provided to participating entities. To access the results of the survey, please visit http://mn.surveynavigator.com/, click Login, and enter the username and password provided by your organization in the Member Login box.

Q3. Can I edit my data after it’s submitted?

A3. Absolutely! In fact, we encourage you to keep your information updated throughout the year as it changes as a result of new hires, retirement, attrition, settled collective bargaining agreements, etc.

Q4. I have questions about the survey, or I need my username and password. Who can I contact?

A4. Support for SurveyNavigator™ is provided by Baker Tilly. To reach them, please email                        e-solutions@bakertilly.com and someone will respond to you either via email or with a phone call.  If you believe that you’re not receiving a response, please check your “junk” or spam folder to ensure the message did not go there.  If you’re having trouble with your password:

  • Ensure that you are logging into the appropriate side of the survey (member and coordinator) with the correct username and password.
  • Verify that your Caps Lock key is not turned on. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • Try copying and pasting the username and password for easier login.
  • Make sure you have not included any spaces before or after the username and password when copying and pasting.

Q5. Once I enter my data online, is there anything else that I need to do?

A5.  Reaching out to us to notify us that you’ve completed the survey is not necessary. Because your data is immediately collected once you click Save, there is no need to let us know your data has been submitted. However, we would encourage you to verify that information in all sections (Salaries, Benefits, Additional Pay, Police Specialty Pay, Annual Pay Structure Adjustment Data, Elected Officials, and Collective Bargaining Agreements) is complete and not just the salary portion of the survey.

Q6. I have both full and part-time positions in the same job title. How do I enter that?

A6. If you have both full and part-time positions in a single job title, please provide data only for the full- time positions.

Q7. I keep receiving a message that says Override Warning and Save when I try to save my data. What’s going on there?

A7. Because of our long history of providing the SurveyNavigator™ solution, we’ve identified a majority of the most common errors in data entry. As a result, we’ve been able to develop validation steps that test your information as its being entered. When receiving this warning, please double-check your information, as you may have entered a value below the reported range minimum, above the reported range maximum, outside the lowest and highest values in the survey, or above the Minnesota salary cap. If you’re confident that what you’ve entered is accurate, you can always click the Override Warning and Save button to submit the information.

Q8. How do I participate in the salary survey using the Excel file?

A8. Once you’ve logged in to the coordinator section (as discussed above), there is a link to Participate Using the survey specific Excel spreadsheet on the Home tab. Download that file, complete the Matching Sheet, and fill in the remaining boxes on the Your Data tab. Note that some will automatically populate based on how you’ve matched your jobs. Once you’ve completed the file, please email it to e-solutions@bakertilly.com and we’ll take care of the rest!

**To be very clear, if you choose to update via Excel, you must use the survey specific spread sheet template located on the Home tab of the survey page otherwise Baker Tilly will not be able to upload your spreadsheet to the survey. **

Q9. If I submit my data using Excel, do I still have to login to the site.

A9. Yes, you do. When you login as a Coordinator, you’ll see boxes for where you should upload a single file of your benefits and union contracts respectively. You also should submit your responses to the Additional Pay, Police Specialty Pay, Annual Pay Structure Adjustment Data, and Elected Officials tabs.

Q10. My Elected Officials data hasn’t changed. Do I need to enter it again?

A10. Yes, to ensure that your data has the correct date stamp, you will still need to click Select to View/Edit Details and resave the information that is already there.

Q11. Where can I find copies of the job summaries?

A11. Once you’ve logged in to the coordinator section (as discussed above), there is a link to Job Titles and Summaries on the right. Download that file.

Q12. What does the “Degree of Match” field mean in the survey?

A12. When completing the survey, you are being asked to match your positions to the brief job summary provided for the benchmark jobs. To aid others in analyzing information, participants are asked to explain if the position they are reporting data for is equal to (i.e. roughly the same), greater than (i.e. significantly more responsibilities) or less than (i.e. significantly fewer responsibilities) the survey job summary.

Q13. Where did the Tax & Debt tab go?

A13. During the survey process, this tab seemed to cause significant confusion with survey participants, so it was removed.

Q14. What are Aged Results when pulling a salary report?

A14. Because salaries are typically projected to move in the market, it is a leading HR practice to adjust information from the effective date of entry to either “today’s” date (or the desired date of implementation of a new compensation plan).  The “# months” column in the survey shows the number of months that survey data is being aged (based on the effective date of survey data for that particular benchmark job).

Q15. We have multiple collective bargaining agreements, but the website allows me to upload just one, what do I do?

A15. If possible, combine all your collective bargaining agreements into a single PDF file using Adobe Acrobat. This program will create a new binder merging all documents together into a single file without altering the original files. You can then upload the new, larger, file. If that is not possible, upload the collective bargaining agreement that impacts the greatest number of employees in your city.

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