Regular mental health checkups can offer supportive and therapeutic benefit.

They are intended to provide a confidential setting in which an employee can slow down and reflect on work situations, explore reactions to them, plan self-care strategies, and identify work or personal issues needing attention to prevent stress overload.

The goals of such checkups are to maintain wellness and resilience and promote positive coping strategies by discussing:

  • Common reactions to difficult cases or stressful events in public safety work.
  • Behavioral and psychological signs of stress overload.
  • Effective methods of stress tolerance.
  • Concerns related to the interaction of work stress, family stress, or peer stress.

These checkups are supportive and therapeutic in nature — they are not fitness for duty evaluations and have no evaluative component.

Your next step

This resource developed by the League of Minnesota Cities human resources team answers your commonly asked questions about providing mental health checkup programs.

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