Video Can Help Your City During Property Tax Discussions with Residents

A short video from the League is designed to help city residents better understand the local property tax system. City officials are encouraged to use the video, Special Delivery: City Services and Your Property Taxes, in a variety of ways—post it on your city website, share it via social media, and show it at truth-in-taxation meetings and other public gatherings.

Special Delivery is a story about a typical Minnesota family that receives a property tax statement, which inspires conversations about city services and the factors that affect property tax rates. The video is approximately seven minutes in length, but is also available in three stand-alone segments that may be viewed separately.

The complete video can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page.

If you have only a few minutes available at the upcoming neighborhood meeting, for example, try showing just part 1 of the video.

The video was produced by Whisker Media, and the League believes that its appealing storytelling format will help to simplify the complex property tax system in a way that genuinely relates to the everyday lives of city residents.

The League has also made available a written document in FAQ format that cities may find useful:

Watch the complete Special Delivery video

Note: Click the outward arrow button in the bottom right corner of the movie player to expand the screen. Use the “esc” key on your keyboard to return to this page.

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