Minnesota Cities Magazine
SEP-OCT 2018


St. Paul to City Hall: Stepping Up Member Outreach and Engagement

Executive Director David Unmacht reports on the League's progress in prioritizing member engagement.

Bits & Briefs

Walk and talks, convertible rec facilities, an app for autism, and more

Two-Way Street: How Did Your City Update Its Ordinances?

Staff from Luverne and Hayward discuss how they updated their city codes.

Focus on Small Cities: GreenStep Program Helps Small City Meet Sustainability Goals

Marine on St. Croix has harnessed volunteer support and the GreenStep Cities program to make progress on their sustainability goals.

Ideas in Action: Clarkfield Takes Lead on Solving Child Care Shortage

Clarkfield won a League of Minnesota Cities 2018 City of Excellence Award for the project.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Residents Seek to Reverse City’s Organized Trash Collection Decision

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities

Letter of the Law: Meeting ADA Requirements for Service Animals

What cities need to know about service animals and the law.

Up for Discussion

Message Matters: Crafting a Simple Message—If You Lose Them, You Can’t Persuade Them

Almost all effective, persuasive messaging has one common core component: simplicity.

Ask LMC: When Does the Name of a Candidate for City Office Become Public?

LMC staff answer your questions about when candidate data becomes public, psychological testing in recruitment, and OSHA reporting requirements.