2016 Greater Minnesota Regional Meetings

There’s Much to Say … But the Words Get in the Way
When formally speaking with residents, reporters, or your own city colleagues, organizing your thoughts into key messages can add clarity and consistency to your communications. This two-hour workshop provided valuable tips on key message development, along with useful hands-on exercises. Topics covered include embedding values into your messaging, the difference between key messages and simple talking points, and effectively communicating proof points.

Tough Issues, Difficult People: Tools for Changing the Conversation
The number of really hard issues our cities face only seems to increase—and all of us have worked with colleagues, co-workers, and community members who can be … well … a challenge! Whether in a group or one on one, how do you keep conversations civilized and interact effectively with people who are angry, frustrated, confused, and sometimes unreasonable? LMC staff led an interactive discussion on personal strategies for diffusing anger and having more constructive interactions. We also talked about how to convene and engage residents and other stakeholders in six conversations to empower them to be part of building stronger, vibrant, and more inclusive communities.

Roundtables Discussions: Applying What You've Learned
During these facilitated small group discussions, attendees applied what they learned earlier in the day to challenging interpersonal situations, addressing diversity and racial equity, or focusing on a topic of unique interest to cities in their area of the state. They had the opportunity to join two discussions during the hour.

No presentation or handouts are available for this session.

Elections Update with Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon or a Designee
Minnesota is known for its civic culture, well-run elections, and some of the highest rates of voter participation in the country. Minnesota’s Secretary of State Steve Simon spoke about the work he is doing to help return Minnesota back to number one in voter turnout this November—and why engaging local election administrators, elected officials, candidates, and voters is critical to success. Plus, attendees learned about recent legislative changes affecting cities and what election-related issues will be up for discussion during the 2017 session.

No presentation or handouts are available for this session.

2016 Legislative Recap and What to Expect for 2017
This year’s regular legislative session ended with a lot of unfinished business. Attendees joined the League’s IGR team to hear about what did get done, including some positive outcomes for cities like the new body-worn camera law and broadband development funding. They learned about prospects for dealing with taxes, a transportation funding package, and bonding—and discussed what other issues are on the radar for next year.