MnWARN Helps Communities in Times of Need

For years, communities that experienced utility problems have been on their own, left to face uncertainties without the expert assistance of other communities. Every now and then a situation will arise that will require additional help or guidance. And when a disaster occurs, it can be catastrophic.

MnWARN network provides emergency help
This is where the Minnesota Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (MnWARN) can be of assistance. MnWARN provides a formal emergency response program through its members, which are utility companies. These member utility companies have signed a mutual aid agreement to provide a program whereby stormwater, wastewater and water utilities sustaining physical damage from disasters can obtain emergency assistance in the form of personnel, equipment, and materials. The goal is to provide the essential services necessary to protect the health and welfare of the utilities’ customers.

Past disasters have shown us there is a need for assistance whether it is personnel, equipment, or just help working with state agencies in the period immediately following a disaster. Is your community prepared? MnWARN can help.

MnWarn membership is free
More than 100 communities have joined MnWARN and signed the mutual aid agreement, which covers approximately 66 percent of the state’s population. Is your city a member?

MnWARN membership is voluntary and free. To join, simply submit a completed Membership Information Form to MnWARN, along with the Mutual Aid Agreement and Resolution. The governing entity must adopt the Mutual Aid Agreement and Resolution. MnWARN also recommends that an equipment schedule of fees be adopted by your governing entity.
Learn more about membership from the MnWARN website

Don’t wait until disaster strikes—join MnWARN today!

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