Membership Dues

Membership dues effective during 2017-2018
Annual membership dues in the League of Minnesota Cities are based on the fiscal year beginning on Sept. 1. Dues include subscriptions to Minnesota Cities magazine*.

Membership dues are calculated based on population according the following:

(Population represents the 2016 State Demographic and Metropolitan Council estimate)

  • 249 or less=$396.00
  • 250-4,999=$138.00 plus $1.0456 per capita
  • 5,000-9,999=$1,091.00 plus $0.8548 per capita
  • 10,000-19,999=$2,366.00 plus $0.7272 per capita
  • 20,000-49,999=$8,074.00 plus $0.4418 per capita
  • 50,000-299,999=$23,900.00 plus $0.1254 per capita
  • 300,000 or more=$40,251.00 plus $0.0709 per capita
  • Special Districts=$1,860

The membership dues and subscription information included here is for reference only. The League will send out membership invoices in late August or early September. Please wait until you receive an invoice from the League to pay your membership dues.

*Annual membership dues include subscriptions to Minnesota Cities magazine at $30 per subscription according to the following schedule based on population:
249 or less=6 subscriptions
250-4,999=11 subscriptions
5,000-9,999=15 subscriptions
10,000-19,999=20 subscriptions
20,000-49,999=25 subscriptions
50,000-299,999=30 subscriptions
300,000+=35 subscriptions
Special Districts=11 subscriptions
This information is provided as a requirement to meet postal regulations; do not use as a basis for payment. For more information on magazine subscriptions contact the League.