Minnesota Cities Magazine
MAY-JUN 2018


St. Paul to City Hall: Making Our Mark on Washington

LMC Executive Director David Unmacht discusses how the League is being more deliberate and intentional about federal advocacy.

Bits & Briefs

Housing preservation, online business directory, and more

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Have Summer Hours?

City officials from Elk River and Mound discuss the benefits of changing their city hall hours during the summer.

Focus on Small Cities: Turning History Into Housing in Eagle Bend

Eagle Bend community leaders are looking into giving their former high school building a new life as senior housing.

Ideas in Action: New Hope’s Innovative Project to Improve Water Quality

A unique underground water reuse system is helping New Hope solve a water quality issue while saving a popular park.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Court Upholds City Authority to Enforce Codes in Manufactured Home Park

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities

Letter of the Law: Slow Down—How Cities Change Speed Limits

The city needs to make sure to take certain steps before changing a speed limit.

Up for Discussion

Message Matters: Oregon Referendum Provides Case Study on Plain Language

Get tips on using plain language to make your city's messages easier for citizens to understand.

Ask LMC: Can the City Spend Money to Host a ‘National Night Out’ Event?

LMC staff answer questions about spending for police community events, cybersecurity, employee vacation cash-outs, and mutual aid agreements.