Minnesota Cities Magazine
MAY-JUN 2015


As I See It: When Good Policies Have Undesirable Outcomes

Weighing equality and equity in public decision-making is the mark of a council and staff working in partnership.

Bits & Briefs

Online safety training, #13percent, roadkill compost, and more

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Issue Administrative Traffic Citations?

Police chiefs from Montevideo and Winsted talk about their approach to administrative traffic citations.

Ideas in Action: Royalton—Small City, Big Sustainability Efforts

Royalton is a small city taking on sustainability in a big way.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Cell Phone Tower Denial Violates Telecommunications Act

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Letter of the Law: Train Wreck Ahead—Are You Prepared?

There are some basic steps you should take if there is a railroad emergency in your city.

Up for Discussion

Let's Talk: Building Understanding Among the Generations

A discussion with Hannah Ubl, generational expert with Bridgeworks, LLC.

Ask LMC: What Is the New ‘Responsible Contractor’ Law?

LMC staff answer questions about the 'responsible contractor' law, Super Tuesday meetings, population estimates, and the ACA.