Minnesota Cities Magazine
MAR-APR 2019


St. Paul to City Hall: LMCIT Services—Evolving With the Times

David Unmacht shares three ways that LMCIT is working to be responsive to evolving city needs.

Bits & Briefs

New LMC podcast, buckthorn removal program, and more

Two-Way Street: Has Your City Used a Community Development Block Grant?

City staff from Farmington and Winton share what it is like to use CDBG grants.

Focus on Small Cities: City Clerks Agree to Back Each Other Up

Mutual aid agreements can formalize backup for clerks and help small cities in times of transition or crisis.

Ideas in Action: New Police Recruitment Program Increases Diversity

This collaboration between St. Louis Park and Bloomington received a 2018 City of Excellence Award.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: All Public Employers Subject to Age Discrimination Law

Read about recent court cases dealing with public employment law, waste management, and more.

Letter of the Law: Strategies for Successful City Council Meetings

Meeting management skills can help your council avoid disruption and conflict in the decision-making process.

Up for Discussion

Message Matters: Five Steps to Establishing Your City’s Visual Identity

What kind of first impression does your city's visual identity make?

Ask LMC: Can the City Require a Driver’s License for Certain Special Vehicles?

LMC staff answer questions about licenses for special vehicles, variations in development fees, and medical marijuana and commercial driver's licenses.