Minnesota Cities Magazine
MAR-APR 2018


St. Paul to City Hall: Lessons for City Leaders on How to Overcome Setbacks

Leadership in city government is not easy, but it is the challenges and hard work that determine our fortitude and achievements.

Bits & Briefs

LMC awards, 9-1-1 texting, stabilizing roadway slopes, and more

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Have a Personnel Committee?

City officials from Warren and LeRoy discuss their experiences with personnel committees.

Focus on Small Cities: Managing the Unmanageable—The Story of a Small City’s Creative Problem-Solving

With persistence and creative thinking, one small city has managed a seemingly unmanageable problem.

Ideas in Action: Brooklyn Park Engages Citizens to Create City Vision

Brooklyn Park's community engagement in the development of its strategic plan was the winner of a 2017 City of Excellence Award.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: City Officials Remain in Office Despite Open Meeting Law Violations

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities

Letter of the Law: Say What? Freedom of Speech in the Public Workplace

The First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting freedom of speech and other freedoms, but a public employee’s First Amendment rights are not absolute.

Up for Discussion

Message Matters: Communicating Across Generations

Learning about generations’ formative years, which create expectations that follow everyone into the workplace, will lead to a better understanding of their communication styles.

Ask LMC: Are Donations to a City Tax-Deductible?

LMC staff answer questions about claiming a deduction for a city donation, interviewing job candidates, and cybersecurity.