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Message Matters

Message Matters: Redesigning City Newsletters in the Era of Plain Language January 2019

Eden Prairie recently redesigned its newsletter to better meet residents' information needs.

Message Matters: Good Media Relations—It Makes a Difference! November 2018

Follow these practices to developing a good relationship with local news agencies.

Message Matters: Crafting a Simple Message—If You Lose Them, You Can’t Persuade Them September 2018

Almost all effective, persuasive messaging has one common core component: simplicity.

Message Matters: Interpersonal Communications—A Few Lessons for City Elected Officials July 2018

A seasoned elected official shares a few lessons he's learned about interpersonal communications.

Message Matters: Oregon Referendum Provides Case Study on Plain Language May 2018

Get tips on using plain language to make your city's messages easier for citizens to understand.

Message Matters: Communicating Across Generations March 2018

Learning about generations’ formative years, which create expectations that follow everyone into the workplace, will lead to a better understanding of their communication styles.

Message Matters: Tips for Communicating with Legislators January 2018

The contact you have with your legislators—and the relationships you build with them—can make a difference in the outcome of bills that affect cities.

Message Matters: Making a Change? Make Sure Effective Communication Is Part of the Plan November 2017

Effective communication of changes is critical to helping your residents understand any new program, project, or initiative.

Message Matters: Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback September 2017

For true productivity and effectiveness in the workplace, we need to be able to have honest conversations with our co-workers, and this includes giving constructive feedback.

Message Matters: #EngageCitizens: Cities Get Creative with Social Media July 2017

Cities use social media to share everything from video tours to historical fun facts, and residents are loving it!

Message Matters: Media Relations During a Crisis May 2017

Good media relations is crucial when you have a crisis on your hands. Be prepared before the crisis occurs.

Message Matters: Inclusive Communications in a Diverse World March 2017

Get tips on communicating about and with diverse groups in an effective and respectful way.