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Message Matters

Message Matters: Tips for Giving Constructive Feedback September 2017

For true productivity and effectiveness in the workplace, we need to be able to have honest conversations with our co-workers, and this includes giving constructive feedback.

Message Matters: #EngageCitizens: Cities Get Creative with Social Media July 2017

Cities use social media to share everything from video tours to historical fun facts, and residents are loving it!

Message Matters: Media Relations During a Crisis May 2017

Good media relations is crucial when you have a crisis on your hands. Be prepared before the crisis occurs.

Message Matters: Inclusive Communications in a Diverse World March 2017

Get tips on communicating about and with diverse groups in an effective and respectful way.

Message Matters: How to Get the Media to Cover Your (Good) City News January 2017

See how you can break through to get important city news and events covered.

Message Matters: City Budget—Making It Relevant To Residents November 2016

Communicating with residents about city budgets and other financial information can be a challenge.

Message Matters: You Hold the Keys to Memorable Messaging September 2016

In the coming months, read this recurring column for more useful communication tips.