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Letter of the Law

Letter of the Law: What Cities Can Do When They Need Extra Cash May 2017

Cities can't just go to the bank and take out a loan, so what can they do when they need to borrow money?

Letter of the Law: Is Your City Meeting ADA Requirements? March 2017

Here's a brief overview of important aspects of the law, along with some common areas of non-compliance.

Letter of the Law: Avoiding Unconscious Bias in City Hiring Decisions January 2017

Managers are addressing unconscious biases so that they can be ready for the workforce of the future.

Letter of the Law: Regulating Cell Towers and Small Cell Technology November 2016

Cities can regulate the placement of towers and other personal wireless service facilities.

Letter of the Law: Got Extra Stuff? Donating It May Now Be an Option September 2016

A new state law allows cities to donate surplus equipment to certain nonprofits.

Letter of the Law: Unfair Labor Practices—It's All in the Eye of the Beholder July 2016

While the Minnesota Public Employee Labor Relations Act defines several items as unfair labor practices, how the law plays out in the real world is not so well-defined.

Letter of the Law: Cold Changes for Ice Arenas May 2016

Ice arenas across the country have big—and expensive—changes to consider soon when the popular refrigerant Freon is banned.

Letter of the Law: New Technology and the Law March 2016

When new technology emerges, it may take time for the law to catch up.

Letter of the Law: Employee vs. Independent Contractor January 2016

Are the people working for your city employees or independent contractors?

Letter of the Law: Residency Requirements for City Officials and Employees November 2015

Can a Minnesota city require its officials and employees to live in the city?

Letter of the Law: 6 Tips for Social Media Policies September 2015

Don't let your city's social media policy run afoul of labor relations laws.

How Many People Use Social Media? September 2015

Data from Pew Research Center showing the percentage of American adults that use social media.

Letter of the Law: Body-Worn Cameras and the Data Practices Act July 2015

Just like any other photos, these digital images are subject to the MGDPA.

Letter of the Law: Train Wreck Ahead—Are You Prepared? May 2015

There are some basic steps you should take if there is a railroad emergency in your city.

Letter of the Law: Accommodating an Employee Disability—Three Do’s and a Don’t March 2015

Avoid common mistakes when dealing with ADA accommodation issues.