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Letter of the Law

Letter of the Law: Human Resources—Getting Clarity on Unemployment Insurance Rules January 2019

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development answers a few questions about unemployment insurance.

Letter of the Law: Selling Surplus City Equipment? Make Sure to Follow the Law November 2018

The required procedures for selling surplus equipment, explained.

Letter of the Law: Meeting ADA Requirements for Service Animals September 2018

What cities need to know about service animals and the law.

Letter of the Law: Compensating Employees Working More Than One Job July 2018

There may be important overtime calculations and pension issues to consider when an employee works more than one job for the city.

Letter of the Law: Slow Down—How Cities Change Speed Limits May 2018

The city needs to make sure to take certain steps before changing a speed limit.

Letter of the Law: Say What? Freedom of Speech in the Public Workplace March 2018

The First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting freedom of speech and other freedoms, but a public employee’s First Amendment rights are not absolute.

Letter of the Law: Sexual Harassment—National Coverage, Local Lessons January 2018

Take action to prevent sexual harassment in your city—and handle it appropriately if it does happen.

Letter of the Law: Managing Utility Installations Across Railroad Rights of Way November 2017

A 2016 law affects city agreements with railroad companies to construct utilities in railroad rights of way.

Letter of the Law: What Cities Should Know About Permitting Demonstrations September 2017

Cities should be aware of the limitations on their power to restrict speech and withhold permits for lawful assembly.

Letter of the Law: What’s in a Name? Defining ‘Employee’ Under State and Federal Laws July 2017

Different laws have different ways of defining who is considered an employee.

Letter of the Law: What Cities Can Do When They Need Extra Cash May 2017

Cities can't just go to the bank and take out a loan, so what can they do when they need to borrow money?

Letter of the Law: Is Your City Meeting ADA Requirements? March 2017

Here's a brief overview of important aspects of the law, along with some common areas of non-compliance.