Minnesota Cities Magazine


New Governor & Officers Discuss City Issues and Priorities December 2018

Minnesota has a new governor and state auditor, as well as a secretary of state returning for his second term. Where do they stand on city issues?

Meet the LMC Lobbyists December 2018

Get to know the LMC team that loves to advocate for cities at the Capitol.

Federal Legislative Update: New Leaders, New Priorities December 2018

Infrastructure, immigration, taxes, and other topics of interest to cities are among the top issues that will be taken up by the 116th Congress, but a divided federal government may make it difficult to make progress.

LMC's Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners December 2018

The 2018 winners outlined how they would improve city services if they were the mayor.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Water Quality Management December 2018

With the appropriate funding and expertise, it is possible to solve water quality challenges.

The Ongoing Quest for Affordable Housing November 2018

Minnesota cities are proactively working to develop and maintain housing stock that is affordable for residents.

Financial Planning for Elected Officials November 2018

How elected officials can contribute to financial planning and sound financial decisions.

Measure Up! Key Metrics to Keep Your City in Good Financial Shape November 2018

Metrics related to cash reserves and debt can help you make sound financial decisions.

Connection Is Essential: Closing the Digital Divide November 2018

Cities can help close the digital divide among their under-connected residents.

League Honors Outstanding City Leaders September 2018

The 2018 C.C. Ludwig and James F. Miller Leadership awards were awarded to Apple Valley Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland and Waconia City Administrator Susan Arntz.

Rehab or Reconstruct? How Two Cities Deal with Old Streets September 2018

Minneapolis approved a concrete pavement rehabilitation program, and Pipestone decided to require both asphalt and concrete bids for some pavement projects.

Developing Leadership Skills in Central Minnesota September 2018

The Pequot Lakes School District is using simple tools for impactful leadership. This might be a good idea for cities, too.

Cities Get Charged Up About Electric Vehicles July 2018

Minnesota cities are working to add electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations to their communities.

Community Assemblies Educate and Build Citizen Engagement July 2018

Community assemblies are giving participants a stronger grasp of their roles in the local democratic process.

Cities’ Continuing Health Insurance Obligations July 2018

Cities should understand the eligibility criteria and, if necessary, the process to appeal a decision that it must continue health insurance.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Water Conservation in a Drought July 2018

The most successful approaches to water conservation during a drought mitigate the impact on the system, residents, and businesses.

Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities May 2018

As the demographics of Minnesota change, more communities will grapple with what it means for predominantly white populations to transition to a more diverse makeup.

Taking the Message of Minnesota Cities to Capitol Hill May 2018

The League is working to make the concerns of Minnesota Cities heard on Capitol Hill.

Mayors Across the State Team Up to Build Connections May 2018

Minnesota mayors are coming together to build trust, learn how their cities can help one another, and bridge the so-called urban-rural divide.

Employee Well-Being: It's More Than Just Kale and Crossfit May 2018

Consider a holistic approach to employee wellness that integrates the many aspects of a person’s well-being: career, social, physical, emotional, and financial.

Encouraging Biking and Walking in Your City March 2018

Cities can help improve their residents' health by making it easier for them to be active.

Critical Incident Response Policy: Be Prepared for the Unthinkable March 2018

Having a plan in place is crucial when police are involved in a shooting or other critical incident.

Can Planners and Engineers Do More Than Coexist? March 2018

Planners and engineers often see the world through different lenses, but there are many benefits when the two work together.

2018 Legislative Session: Protecting Local Authority January 2018

The League will continue to oppose pre-emption legislation at the state Capitol in 2018.

LMC’s Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners January 2018

See the winners of the 2017 Mayor for a Day Essay Contest.

The Vanishing of Social Capital January 2018

Social capital is vanishing in our communities because more people are living isolated lives. Why does it matter and what can city leaders do about it?

Collaborating to Move City Projects Forward January 2018

If you can create a process of transparency and open government, you’re likely to have higher levels of community satisfaction with city projects.

Promoting City Jobs November 2017

Getting young people—and others—to consider city careers is essential because the city workforce is aging, and cities need to attract the next generation of employees.

Advancing Racial Equity: Cities Turn Ideals Into Action November 2017

Minnesota cities are working to reduce potential racial inequities in service delivery.

Urban Parks: One Piece of the Infrastructure Puzzle November 2017

Incorporating parks into your city infrastructure is a cost-effective way to reduce strain on your stormwater and sewer systems.

Tax-Forfeited Properties: A Shorter Path to City Ownership November 2017

There is a tool available to expedite the process of obtaining public ownership of tax-forfeited properties.

League Recognizes City Champions September 2017

Minnetonka Mayor Terry Schneider and Spring Lake Park City Administrator and Clerk-Treasurer Daniel Buchholtz were the winners of the League's 2017 individual awards.

The Bird’s-Eye Advantage of Using Drones September 2017

Drones can provide accurate data and visuals about places and projects, which improves design-making and public buy-in.

Cooperative Contract Brings Christmas in June to Staples Fire Department September 2017

The City of Staples purchased a new firetruck in a more efficient and cost-effective manner through a cooperative contract.

Small Cities Seek Regional Revitalization July 2017

Five cities in the Chisago Lakes region are working together to implement a revitalization plan that addresses everything from environmental sustainability to the arts.

Seven Tips for Crafting an RFP for Professional Services July 2017

A good RFP can help you get the number and quality of responses you need to find the best company or person for the job.

It’s Your Deal: Understanding the Roles and Responsibilities When Issuing Municipal Bonds July 2017

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board offers information and resources to help cities through the entire municipal bond process.

The Value of Adding Landscape Architecture to Your Project July 2017

Landscape architecture can enhance the beauty and sustainability of your planning, design, or construction project.

A Must-Do Project: Financial Software Update July 2017

A financial system overhaul can help your city increase efficiencies and provide better service to residents.

The Public-Private Partnership Advantage May 2017

Cities are finding creative ways to partner with private organizations to benefit the public.

Employee Engagement on a Budget May 2017

Boost employees' enthusiasm for their work without busting the city budget.

The German Difference: Minnesota and German Cities Partner on Smart Climate Solutions May 2017

Minnesota and German cities are working together to make a difference for the environment.

Women In Public Service: Can We Close the Gap? May 2017

Find out how cities can increase the number of women in local government leadership positions, and why it matters.

Duty Crews: Helping Fire Departments Manage the Modern World March 2017

Many municipalities that can’t afford full-time personnel are looking for other ways to meet the demands of modern firefighting.

Child Abuse Prevention: Keeping Kids Safe in the City March 2017

Cities can develop policies and practices that could help prevent a potentially devastating incident for both a child and the city.

Workplace Retaliation: How to Recognize and Prevent It in Your City March 2017

Retaliation is the most common discrimination claim federal officials receive and, with new guidelines, cities need to have a solid understanding of this issue.

How a City Rallied Together for Clean Water March 2017

Learn from one city's fight against water pollution.