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2020 Legislative Session: Standing Up for Safe and Durable Housing January 2020

A building industry group is unfairly blaming cities for rising housing costs.

Strategies for Recruiting Election Judges January 2020

The challenge in hiring election judges comes as Minnesota faces what could be its busiest election year ever.

LMC's Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners January 2020

The 2019 winners explain how they would improve city services if they were the mayor.

Is Your City Ready to Become a ‘Smart’ City? January 2020

The trend toward technology-enabled, efficient cities is happening all around us.

SCADA Upgrade: Protect City Utility Systems From Hackers November 2019

Microsoft will soon stop supporting Windows 7, the computer platform many cities use to run the SCADA software that controls important public works functions.

Increase Resident Engagement With Better Public Meetings November 2019

Better public engagement builds a sense of community, increases productive dialogue, and decreases division.

Five Ways to Attract New Residents to Rural Cities November 2019

Community leaders are designing regional campaigns that welcome newcomers and support economic development.

Recruit Top Talent With a Great Employee Experience November 2019

Tips for finding and keeping the top talent that your city needs.

League Celebrates City Champions September 2019

St. Anthony Village Mayor Jerry Faust and St. Michael City Administrator Steve Bot were the winners of the League's 2019 individual awards.

Web Extra Video: 2019 James F. Miller Leadership Award Winner Steve Bot September 2019

Video about St. Michael City Administrator Steve Bot, winner of the 2019 James F. Miller Leadership Award.

Web Extra Video: 2019 C.C. Ludwig Award Winner Jerry Faust September 2019

Video about St. Anthony Village Mayor Jerry Faust, winner of the 2019 C.C. Ludwig Award.

Financial Management Planning: It's A Matter of Dollars and Sense October 2019

Develop a solid roadmap for your city with good financial planning.

Safety First: Railroad Hazmat Training September 2019

Railroad incidents involving hazardous materials are rare, but accidents can happen. Make sure local first responders are prepared.

Fellowship Program Aims to Develop the Next Generation of City Leaders July 2019

The Minnesota Cities Fellowship Program seeks to ensure that qualified young workers are ready to step into city government roles as Baby Boomers continue retiring.

Web Extra: Video—Minnesota Cities Fellowship July 2019

This video highlights the experiences of Madison Hagenau and Ada Moreno, the first students selected for the Minnesota Cities Fellowship.

Reinforcing the Values of Constitutional Policing July 2019

A new online training program focuses on noble policing and respecting constitutional rights.

Using GIS Tools to Enhance Public Engagement July 2019

GIS-based engagement tools allow community members opportunities to more easily interact and get involved with a city project.

Liquidated Damages and City Construction Contracts July 2019

Liquidated damages can be an effective contract term to protect the city if you evaluate certain issues with your design professional before the bidding process begins.

Is Your City Creating Obstacles to Participation? May 2019

A healthy democracy must be accessible, comfortable, understandable, and convenient.

Effective Leadership and Cross-Cultural Communication May 2019

In this environment, effective leadership requires self-discovery, meaningful relationships, and self-care.

Federal Advocacy: Minnesota City Officials Go to Washington May 2019

City officials and LMC staff met with members of the Minnesota congressional delegation in March.

Seven Tips for Successful Legislative Advocacy May 2019

These tips can help you advocate for your city at the Capitol.

Water Theft: Leaks Aren’t the Only Way to Lose May 2019

Water theft can cause damage to infrastructure and create additional expense for rate payers and your city.

How to Respond to a Computer Security Breach March 2019

How cities can prevent and better manage cybersecurity trouble.

Protecting the Protectors March 2019

Mental health support for first responders should be a top civic priority.

An Ounce of Prevention Equals A Pound of Transitional Conflict Cure March 2019

Well-managed transitions and healthy conflict resolution can help your city operate effectively.

How to Keep Zombies and Vampires Out of Your Workplace March 2019

Our workforces are facing a very real threat: “working zombies” and “vampires.”

Employee Wellness: It’s Good For Business! March 2019

More organizations are acknowledging that employee well-being has a direct impact on organizational performance and, ultimately, the bottom line.

New Governor & Officers Discuss City Issues and Priorities January 2019

Minnesota has a new governor and state auditor, as well as a secretary of state returning for his second term. Where do they stand on city issues?

Meet the LMC Lobbyists January 2019

Get to know the LMC team that loves to advocate for cities at the Capitol.

Federal Legislative Update: New Leaders, New Priorities January 2019

Infrastructure, immigration, taxes, and other topics of interest to cities are among the top issues that will be taken up by the 116th Congress, but a divided federal government may make it difficult to make progress.

LMC's Mayor for a Day Essay Contest Winners January 2019

The 2018 winners outlined how they would improve city services if they were the mayor.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Water Quality Management January 2019

With the appropriate funding and expertise, it is possible to solve water quality challenges.

The Ongoing Quest for Affordable Housing November 2018

Minnesota cities are proactively working to develop and maintain housing stock that is affordable for residents.

Financial Planning for Elected Officials November 2018

How elected officials can contribute to financial planning and sound financial decisions.

Measure Up! Key Metrics to Keep Your City in Good Financial Shape November 2018

Metrics related to cash reserves and debt can help you make sound financial decisions.

Connection Is Essential: Closing the Digital Divide November 2018

Cities can help close the digital divide among their under-connected residents.

League Honors Outstanding City Leaders September 2018

The 2018 C.C. Ludwig and James F. Miller Leadership awards were awarded to Apple Valley Mayor Mary Hamann-Roland and Waconia City Administrator Susan Arntz.

Rehab or Reconstruct? How Two Cities Deal with Old Streets September 2018

Minneapolis approved a concrete pavement rehabilitation program, and Pipestone decided to require both asphalt and concrete bids for some pavement projects.

Developing Leadership Skills in Central Minnesota September 2018

The Pequot Lakes School District is using simple tools for impactful leadership. This might be a good idea for cities, too.

Cities Get Charged Up About Electric Vehicles July 2018

Minnesota cities are working to add electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging stations to their communities.

Community Assemblies Educate and Build Citizen Engagement July 2018

Community assemblies are giving participants a stronger grasp of their roles in the local democratic process.

Cities’ Continuing Health Insurance Obligations July 2018

Cities should understand the eligibility criteria and, if necessary, the process to appeal a decision that it must continue health insurance.

A Three-Pronged Approach to Water Conservation in a Drought July 2018

The most successful approaches to water conservation during a drought mitigate the impact on the system, residents, and businesses.

Creating Welcoming and Inclusive Communities May 2018

As the demographics of Minnesota change, more communities will grapple with what it means for predominantly white populations to transition to a more diverse makeup.

Taking the Message of Minnesota Cities to Capitol Hill May 2018

The League is working to make the concerns of Minnesota Cities heard on Capitol Hill.

Mayors Across the State Team Up to Build Connections May 2018

Minnesota mayors are coming together to build trust, learn how their cities can help one another, and bridge the so-called urban-rural divide.

Employee Well-Being: It's More Than Just Kale and Crossfit May 2018

Consider a holistic approach to employee wellness that integrates the many aspects of a person’s well-being: career, social, physical, emotional, and financial.

Encouraging Biking and Walking in Your City March 2018

Cities can help improve their residents' health by making it easier for them to be active.

Critical Incident Response Policy: Be Prepared for the Unthinkable March 2018

Having a plan in place is crucial when police are involved in a shooting or other critical incident.

Can Planners and Engineers Do More Than Coexist? March 2018

Planners and engineers often see the world through different lenses, but there are many benefits when the two work together.