2010 C.C. Ludwig and Leadership Award Winners

City Councilmember Tim Breza of Winona and City Administrator David Osberg of Hastings have been awarded the League of Minnesota Cities’ highest individual honors for city officials for 2010. Breza received the C.C. Ludwig Award for outstanding service by an elected official, and Osberg received the Leadership Award for outstanding service by an appointed official.

The winners were announced at the LMC Annual Conference June 23-25 in St. Cloud.

In addition to his service on the Winona City Council, Tim Breza has been an active contributor to the governance of the League of Minnesota Cities where he has served on the Board of Directors, and also as chair of the Improving Local Economies Policy Committee. He has also served on the Board of the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities and on various policy committees for the National League of Cities.

As a key member of the Winona Port Authority Negotiating Committee, Councilmember Breza worked to bring a digital optic cable switch to Winona, one of the first small cities in the United States to do so. Additionally, he was the City Council leader in developing and implementing a Sister Cities program with Misato, Japan and Bytow, Poland. Breza has served on the Winona City Council for 23 years.

David Osberg has served the City of Hastings for more than 20 years. As one of the first International City/County Management Association credentialed managers in the state of Minnesota, he has consistently exhibited personal commitment to lifelong learning and professional development and has earned admiration from residents of his community.

In addition to his service as city administrator, Osberg currently serves as president of the Metro Cities organization, and as ex-officio Board member for the League of Minnesota Cities. He is also a former president of the Minnesota City/County Management Association and is current executive committee chair for the Dakota Communications Center.

The judges
Three former city officials served as judges for the 2010 C.C. Ludwig and Leadership Awards including Steve Larson, former Mayor of New Brighton; Jim Scheibel, former Mayor of St. Paul; and Lauri Winterfeldt, former Councilmember from Moorhead.