Minnesota Cities Magazine
JUL-AUG 2018


St. Paul to City Hall: Qualities of an Effective Governing Body

LMC Executive Director David Unmacht offers five principles for good governance.

Bits & Briefs

Environmental review, proper flag disposal, and more

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Require Pet Licenses?

City officials from Jasper and Littlefork discuss how their cities approach pet licensing.

Focus on Small Cities: Census 2020: Complete Count Challenge for Small Cities

Small cities face unique challenges in getting a complete 2020 Census count.

Ideas in Action: Fun for All! Shakopee Builds Inclusive Playground

Shakopee's Fun for All Playground offers play for children of all ability levels.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Court Rules in Favor of Driver in DWI Forfeiture Case

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities

Letter of the Law: Compensating Employees Working More Than One Job

There may be important overtime calculations and pension issues to consider when an employee works more than one job for the city.

Up for Discussion

Message Matters: Interpersonal Communications—A Few Lessons for City Elected Officials

A seasoned elected official shares a few lessons he's learned about interpersonal communications.

Ask LMC: Computer Security—Always Change Vendor Defaults

LMC staff answer questions about cybersecurity with a small staff, sexual harassment liability, and the classification of lodging tax data.