Minnesota Cities Magazine
JAN-FEB 2016


St. Paul to City Hall: Formula for Success

Executive Director David Unmacht does the math (sort of) on membership engagement.

Bits & Briefs

Ribbon-cuttings, neuroscience, active winter living and more

Two-Way Street: Does Your City Offer ‘PTO’ or Traditional Leave Benefits?

Staff from Crystal and Maplewood explain their cities' considerations when weighing paid time off (PTO) vs. traditional benefits.

Ideas in Action: Happy Trails—Paynesville Brings 30-Year Vision to Life

This project received a 2015 City of Excellence Award from the League of Minnesota Cities.

Legal Ease

From the Bench: Conditional Use Permit Denied for Noisy Target-Shooting Events

Summaries of recent court cases that may affect Minnesota cities.

Letter of the Law: Employee vs. Independent Contractor

Are the people working for your city employees or independent contractors?

Up for Discussion

Let's Talk: Seeking Improvements To The In-Person Absentee Voting Process

A discussion with Terri Haarstad, New Brighton city clerk

Ask LMC: Do Volunteer Firefighters Qualify for Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

LMC staff answer questions about workers' compensation coverage, the JOBZ program, and the 'Cadillac tax.'