HIPAA Assessment Tool

Since most cities offer some type of employer-sponsored health plan—including a health plan, dental plan, medical reimbursement plan under the city's cafeteria plan, etc.—your city will likely have to comply with some of HIPAA's privacy and security standards.

Before your city can determine if it is subject to the HIPAA privacy and security requirements, an assessment of each of the city's benefit plans must be conducted. It is important for each of your city's health plans to be reviewed independently—one plan could be subject to the full HIPAA requirements while another may have only minimal requirements to meet.

To help determine your city's status as a covered entity, the League has created a HIPAA Assessment Tool. The HIPAA Assessment Tool includes the following components:

  • HIPAA Flow Chart
    Use the HIPAA Flow Chart to determine whether or not the specific health plan you are reviewing is subject to HIPAA and, if so, to what extent. The HIPAA Flow Chart will walk you through your status as a covered entity for each plan, and includes links to additional information contained in the HIPAA Flow Chart Q&A below.
    View HIPAA Flow Chart (pdf)
  • HIPAA Flow Chart Q&A
    Each element of the HIPAA Flow Chart has a corresponding number that relates to more detailed information contained in this HIPAA Flow Chart Q&A. The additional information should help your city determine how to best answer the questions in the HIPAA Flow Chart.
    View HIPAA Flow Chart Q&A (pdf)
  • HIPAA Frequently Asked Questions
    Look to the Frequently Asked Questions portion of the HIPAA Assessment Tool for additional information related to HIPAA issues and concerns, and for answers to common questions from member cities.
    Read more about HIPAA FAQs

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