Focus on New Laws: Recreational Program Award Expenditures

The new law eliminates a 60-year-old spending cap on city recreational program awards.
(Published Aug 28, 2017)

A 2017 law, Chapter 29, removes an $800 expenditure cap for the purchase of recreational program awards and trophies by cities, towns, counties, and school districts. The law, which amends Minnesota Statutes, section 471.15, also eliminates the statute’s applicability to veterans’ organizations and the American Legion.

The law, which became effective on May 12, was originally brought before the League’s policy committees and introduced by the League as legislation this session.

The law applies to recreational programs and events such as youth and adult sports leagues and 5k runs. Cities and other local governments act as a pass through as most of the funds are covered by activity registration fees to purchase these items. Issuing program awards is typically conducted through parks and recreation departments at the city level.

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