FAQs about City Learning Point

Frequently Asked Questions about City Learning Point

  • Will I be "graded?"
    Exercises and activities you complete throughout each City Learning Point course are not tracked or graded. Feel free to explore all choices and answers in the exercises and activities to view the helpful feedback boxes. At the end of each course is a "Check for Understanding;" these responses are tracked and help us evaluate the effectiveness of the course.
  • Will my city know that I have taken the course?
    Your city or organization will receive confirmation that you registered and/or completed a City Learning Point course.
  • Can a group of people take a course together?
    While group discounts are available, the training itself is completed individually. Each City Learning Point course is intended to be an interactive learning experience for the person taking the course. This approach allows the learner to use his or her own personal experience and knowledge to answer questions and identify follow-up actions. City Learning Point courses are not designed for group training. However, it is highly recommended that city officials who complete these online training programs get together after completing the training to discuss what they learned and how it relates specifically to their city.
  • How long does it take to complete a course?
    City Learning Point courses take approximately one hour to complete, depending on how much time individual learners spend reviewing and exploring the course material.
  • How long will I be able to access the course?
    You have access to a course for at least three months from the date you registered.
  • What types of certificates or credits are available?
    Upon completion of each course, you are able to print a certificate of completion. Peace officers are granted 1 POST credit for each course completed in the Human Resources Basics for Managers series (Role of A Supervisor, Driving Employee Performance, and Select for Success).