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The Results: Strategic Plan Documents

By Marisa Helms

web extra iconAfter meeting, planning, and discussing, both Carver and Hopkins end up with a written strategic plan document that provides guidance for city officials moving forward.

City of Carver Strategic Plan
Carver has a total of 18 action items in its current strategic plan. Sample action items are listed below within Carver’s five larger “vision” categories:

  • Community identity
    • Seek out branding opportunities to enhance Carver’s profile in the region
  • Community vitality
    • Create a master plan with a focus on the river, downtown amenities, and business development
  • Community engagement
    • Conduct a volunteer recognition event
  • Organizational culture
    • Identify and develop city staff values
  • Public facilities
    • Complete a comprehensive facility study

City of Hopkins Strategic Plan
Below are examples of some of the elements in the City of Hopkins’ 2014 Goals and Strategic Plan:

  • Goal I—Preserve the Small Town Feel of Hopkins
    • “Buy Local” programs; promoting and enhancing city events; providing accessible-friendly services; strengthening institutional partnerships
  • Goal II—Urban Design: Get it Right
    • Enhancing Main Street; preserving small-town feel with walkable streets and good signage; adding more biking and walking trails; promoting environmental responsibility; encouraging wellness in the community
  • Goal III—Take It to Them
    • Reaching out to residents and stakeholders, particularly immigrants and new families; promoting diversity on boards and commissions; empowering and engaging youth

View Carver’s full 2014 strategic plan (pdf)

View Hopkins’ full 2014 strategic plan (pdf)

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