Governor Sets Water Quality Town Hall Meetings Throughout State

The Environmental Quality Board will host 10 meetings to gather input on how to significantly meet a state goal to improve water quality.
(Published Jul 31, 2017)

The Dayton administration has announced a series of meetings to gather public comments and ideas on how the state can speed up its efforts to improve water quality. The meetings will run from late July to early October.

With current efforts, the state projects that water quality will improve by 6 to 8 percent by the year 2025. Gov. Dayton’s goal is to increase that to “25 by 25”—a 25 percent improvement in state water quality by 2025.

Addressing city and non-city issues
Continued increases to state financial assistance and flexibility in meeting regulatory changes will be needed as cities work to deal with the costs of replacing aging water infrastructure and work to meet expanding requirements for public health and safety.

However, it’s going to take more than city improvements to meet the governor’s water quality goals. The vast majority of pollution going into Minnesota lakes and rivers comes from non-urban run-off, so how those issues are addressed will play a key role in whether the administration’s goal can be achieved.

City voices need to be heard
City elected officials, as well as city staff with expertise in wastewater, stormwater, and drinking water issues, are strongly encouraged to attend the town hall meetings. It is important that our cities make the case for the tremendous amount of effort and ongoing expenditures already being done to address environmental issues at the municipal level. Ideas for addressing agricultural and other non-point sources of nutrient and sediment pollution will also be needed. Please attend if you are able, or submit written comments.

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