Demystifying Public Finance: Fundamentals for City Clerks

In this webinar, presented live on Aug. 30, presenters Dave Callister, city manager of Plymouth and Rachel Walker, policy analysis manager of the League of Minnesota Cities, will present the basics of municipal financial management. Topics include the budget cycle and structures, typical expenditure categories, major sources of city revenue, the property tax process, and guidelines for safely investing public funds. You will discover how to plan for big multiple-year expenditures—like replacing, repairing, and maintaining infrastructure—with a separate capital budget plan. Hear about commonly used financing tools to fund local improvements and economic development, including issuing debt, using reserve funds, creating Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts, and tapping state and federal grant programs. Finally, find out how to read a financial statement and identify trends and warning signs, learn when and what to communicate with state regulatory agencies, and get ideas for communicating about ongoing fiscal activities with the council and community.

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