The property/casualty coverage offered by the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) is very broad and is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure that emerging and new city needs are met. Rate stability is also very important, and is accomplished through a mix of lower operating costs, investment income, loss control services, and LMCIT’s non-profit philosophy.

Premiums are collected from member cities to pay for claims and lawsuits, and once those costs are covered, remaining funds are used to build the members’ fund balance and to provide a responsible dividend when appropriate.

Learn more about property/casualty coverages:

  • LMCIT Liability Coverage Guide (pdf)
    • Learn about liability (casualty) coverage offered by LMCIT, including unique coverage situations for land use litigation, airports, sewer backups, special events, joint powers entities, and more.
    • Understand coverage limits and various incentive programs.
    • Get information on filing a liability claim.
  • LMCIT Property, Crime, Bond and Petrofund Coverage Guide (pdf)
    • Learn about property, crime, and petrofund coverage offered by LMCIT, including builder's risk coverage and property coverage options for bond, flood, and equipment breakdown.
    • Understand coverage limits, LMCIT's property appraisal program, and schedule of property to identify at renewal and midterm.
    • Get information on filing a property claim.
  • LMCIT Auto Coverage Guide (pdf)
    • Understand auto liability, auto physical damage, no-fault, and uninsured/underinsured coverage offered by LMCIT, including coverage options, provisions, and how coverage works in specific situations such as the use of personal vehicles on city business and coverage for impounded or seized autos.
    • Get information on filing an auto claim.

Property/casualty coverage changes, rates, and dividends: