LMCIT’s Training Safety Officer Program Wins National Award

The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA) recently gave a top award to one of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust’s (LMCIT) programs.

The League’s Training Safety Officer (TSO) program was selected as the first-place winner in the Outstanding Achievement for the Intergovernmental Risk Pool Program category.

The TSO program, developed in 2012 through work with several Minnesota public safety departments, is overseen by LMCIT Public Safety Project Coordinator Rob Boe and Loss Control Manager Rachel Carlson.

Designed to improve the safety of police, fire, emergency management, and other first responders while they are training, the TSO program recommends that public safety departments incorporate a safety officer into each training lesson plan to supplement the already-present training instructor. This safety officer can provide oversight, control, and guidance while working with the instructor to ensure that all trainees have a professional and safe experience with reduced injuries.

PRIMA’s mission—to promote effective risk management in the public interest—aligns well with the goals of the TSO program.

Bles Dones, manager of membership at PRIMA, said that the TSO Program “show(s) excellence, relevance, and a display of a results-oriented program, keys to a successful organization’s risk management program, and one that can benefit the public sector risk management profession. We congratulate you for your hard work and efforts.”

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